Why choose KVM switch?

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The core idea of KVM multi-host switching system technology is: through proper keyboard, mouse, display configuration, the centralized management of the system and the network and provide its manageability, improve the efficiency of the system administrator, save the area of the computer room, and reduce the network The total cost of ownership of engineering and server systems, avoid the radiation generated by the use of multiple displays, and build a healthy and environmentally friendly computer room.

The KVM multi-computer switch is applicable to SOHO (small studio) groups, small and medium enterprises and even large multinational enterprises. KVM multi-computer switches can create vast benefits for the space and information environment of enterprise computer rooms or data centers. It not only reduces energy consumption, saves rack and computer room space, but also avoids the clutter caused by redundant keyboards, monitors and mice.

Through the centralized management of KVM multi-computer switches, it can help corporate information personnel to greatly simplify the work process, thereby enhancing corporate productivity. With the trend of globalization and network popularization, the KVM OVER-IP solution with remote control function can fully meet the needs of enterprises for multinational computer room management.

Why use a KVM switch?

1. Reuse space and neatly reorganize more computer equipment on the desktop or rack;

2. Save the cost of equipment such as keyboard, screen and mouse that are not frequently used in the server room and information center;

3. Through the central control, multiple computers can be managed, no need to switch from one workstation to another when in use.

In addition, using KVM switches can save energy consumption, rack, equipment and other costs, as well as save more space.

Since the birth of KVM switches, from analog to digital, from a single local cabinet to IP-based remote control, this technical field has also experienced a long development path. The added value of productivity provided by KVM switches far exceeds the savings in space, hardware and furniture. Remembering and proficient in KVM switch operation shortcut keys, can complete the work more perfectly. So the question is, do you know how to switch KVM switches?

Everyone knows that KVM switches have a variety of switching methods, including panel button switching, keyboard hotkey switching, OSD menu switching, mouse switching, and other switching methods. The specific operations of the switching method are described in detail below:

1. Panel key switch

The product's panel button switch, the button is located on the KVM switch panel, directly press the button to switch operations, this switch operation is relatively simple. If the working position is far away from this equipment, it will cause the user to use more time to complete the work.

2. Hotkey switch

Press Scroll Lock and number keys twice on the keyboard to complete the switching operation directly. If one of the switching buttons on the keyboard is damaged, the switching operation cannot be performed normally.

3. OSD KVM switch menu switch

When switching through the OSD menu, the switching mode is displayed on the display, and the switching can be completed by simply performing the switching according to the switching operation steps.

4. Mouse switch

You can switch the up (↑) and down (↓) ports through the single mouse middle button + [left and right button]

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