Make use of KVM to control multiple PCs

2020-08-17 23:44:13 32

If you have 500 servers in your data center, then you may have 500 keyboards, 500 monitors, and 500 mice. Now with KVM technology, you no longer need so many mice, keyboards, and monitors. Space occupation. So many keyboards, monitors and mice will also emit a lot of heat. To dissipate heat, you need to install a lot of air conditioners. With KVM, you don't need to install too many air conditioners, so you will save a lot of electricity.

   The Internet is another important driving force for the development of KVM technology. In the past 10 years, combining with IP to realize remote operation has brought new life to KVM. A company based in Shenzhen can operate a data center in New York, or it can manage a "lights out" (that is, unattended) data center from any location. IP-based KVM (KVM over IP) not only has more excellent problem handling capabilities, but also provides a higher level of monitoring and preventive maintenance functions.

Flexible application of KVM technology can create higher efficiency for IT departments. Imagine a company has several servers in remote branches (such as banks, restaurants, or auto parts stores). Obviously, it is unlikely that some of them have been trained or have time to deal with those IT issues. The traditional method is to send an IT technician or hire an expert locally, or force the most skilled person in the branch to solve the problem by phone according to instructions. Of course, these methods are not ideal, and the KVM solution allows IT technicians to deal with problems immersively.